Kristen Schiele creates work in painting and sculpture. The works are inspired by stage sets, cinema, folklore, allegory, kitsch, and story telling that is theatrical and playful.

Currently, the work involves paintings of secret hide outs and bold, brightly patterned shadow boxes. Games, books, posters and graffiti cover the walls of Midwestern abandoned or new build-out subdivision-style constructions; the idyllic location of a kid's summertime.

"OOOT MMMMM" collaborative silkscreen artist book with poet Abraham Smith, printed by Kayrock Screenprinting is available online:


May 10, "Space/ Squared" White Walls Gallery, SF, CA

June 7, "Koi No Yokan 2" 101 Exhibit Gallery, curated by Colette Robbins and Kevin Van Gorp, LA, CA

July 17, "Summer Mixer" Josh Liner Gallery, NY, NY

September 5, "Spirit Girls" Lu Magnus Gallery, NYC

September 26, group exhibiton with Gallery Poulsen, Copenhagen, Denmark